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How to Overcome the Limitations of Your Mind - Tim O'Keefe Interviews Robert Szentes

June 30, 2021 Tim O'Keefe & Robert Szentes Season 2 Episode 30
Prosperity Mindset
How to Overcome the Limitations of Your Mind - Tim O'Keefe Interviews Robert Szentes
Show Notes

"The majority of people are kept hostage by their mind, and they do not even know it."

Those are the words of today's guest.  Robert Szentes

Imagine coming to the US from Hungary with 15 years of engineering under your belt and then in 2010 repeat seizures and a stroke make clear thinking and speaking difficult.

That is exactly what happened to our guest and it was then that he learned modalities to get him fully functional again and then some.

Robert Szentes is a transformational teacher, spiritual and intuitive healer, and a master trainer of hypnosis and NLP.

He is the founder of Advanced Mind Institute in Arizona and has authored :

Mastering Your Mind: A step by step guide to conquering your fears and negative emotions so you can finally create peace and prosperity in your life
He hosts the Prosperity Mindset Podcast

         --Shadow, Quantum, Beliefs--

Join me with coach Robert Szentes as he shares his story on how he overcame and healed his brain and mind from seizures and stroke damage.  As he unlocked his mind from the prison of his past traumas and micro stories. And now helps others do the same to heal themselves and to have better relationships and make more money.

Resolve Your Internal Subconscious Conflicts and Complex Traumas, so You Can Have Prosperity, Healthy Finances, Fulfilling Relationships and the Perfect Health You Desire!

Without knowing how to handle the triggers and understanding ourselves and our partner, we cannot be truly satisfied and thrive in a relationship.

That is why so many people self-sabotage and repeat the same mistakes over and over again, getting more frustrated each time. Different person, different face, different place, but essentially the same story!

Health is another huge challenge for many people! Less than perfect health is just a symptom of practiced non-supporting subconscious beliefs and conflicts, and most people are not aware or trained to uncover the complex logic of the mind.   

The symptoms of a conflicted mindset are money issues, relationship challenges, diseases, injuries, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and the list goes on.
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Pick up his book and courses at his website.  Robert is also offering a complimentary consult at
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