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Robert Szentes

This podcast is for you if you want to achieve serious personal growth, but are struggling to solve your problems in at least one of the three arenas: relationships, finances / business or health. My teachings are designed to help you create long-term and "SUSTAINABLE" success; prosperity consciousness and a fulfilling life by discovering and resolving your hidden, subconscious blocks that sabotage life and success, no matter how hard you work and how much you try to come out ahead. I explain how to turn things around fast by embracing the spiritual laws to have the Universal forces work to your advantage instead of against you. I teach you what needs to shift in your subconscious mind in order to have sustainable relationship bliss, financial freedom and personal health. Yes. On occasion, I accept guest speakers if your topic of expertise is about self-improvement, relationship success, money psychology, emotional and physical health and overall: prosperity consciousness and your message is aligned with the focus of this channel. Write us at [email protected] to be considered as a guest. Tell us what your expertise is and how you help people.***My website:******My name is Robert Szentes. I am a Master Transformational Trainer, Coach and Mentor, focusing on helping you achieve success by the renewing of your subconscious mind.#selfimprovement, #mentalhealth, #consciousness, #prosperitymindset, #subconsiousmind, #success, #healthfitness, #healing, #podcast, #inspiration, #leadershipdevelopment, #robertszentes, #advancedmindinstitute

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